Steelwork for railways.

For sustainable mobility.

Rail transport is a crucial to environmentally friendly travel. Every day, we use our expertise to expand German, European and worldwide railway infrastructures. Steel – our business – is an essential component of railway systems. Find out here what steelwork we produce for railways.

Without signals, railways simply cannot run. Our signal poles help the railway infrastructure throughout Europe to expand safely. We work closely with railway infrastructure companies such as SPITZKE and other well-known business partners to achieve this.

Overhead signal bridges for German national rail company DB are just one of our steel products for railway networks. We also make special and custom-made products for local transport systems. Our reference project, where we made the masts for the Naumburg tram system, was based on a historical design.

Our railway steel construction division is certified according to the EN 1090-2 EXC3 and EN 15085-2 CL1 standards (railway vehicle construction). You can find our certifications and permits here.

Our railway steelwork range also includes railings and safeguards of various kinds. We manufacture horizontal and vertical safety railings and safeguards for railway and road bridges. MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH is experienced in providing everything from a single source: from design and production to measurement, corrosion protection, delivery and assembly.

A large proportion of the railway steelwork we make at MuR is for Deutsche Bahn substations. We manage the production, corrosion protection, delivery and assembly in accordance with Deutsche Bahn regulations.

Steelwork for railways: our reference projects

Manufacturing steelwork for railways is one of our core competencies. Our steel products for railway construction support sustainable transport across global rail networks.


The construction project for the Dresden Railway extension

The extension of the Dresden railway is an indispensable part of the European rail network. Part of the network is used for an express train between Berlin Airport and the Berlin area. This is not the only reason why the 150-year-old line is being upgraded for speeds of 160 km/​h in Berlin and 200 km/​h in Brandenburg. MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH has produced and supplied signal brackets for the construction project. Our products included the protective cages for foundations and about 3,000 supports for protection against accidental contact. In total, we used around 7,830 m of steel for the supports against accidental contact.


The Naumburg tram construction project

The tram line in Naumburg is the smallest of its kind in Germany with just eight stations. In 2017, it was extended by 440 m. MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH supplied the masts for the line extension beyond the former terminus at Salztor station. The project was financed to a significant extent by the citizens of Naumburg. During production, the MuR design engineers paid close attention to the historical details of the Ringbahn, which was opened in Naumburg in 1892. A total of five angle masts and 21 flat masts were installed.

Photos of our railway steelwork

Electrification masts on the Paris-Amsterdam line
Newly manufactured steel masts await transport at MuR-Stahlbau GmbH in Naumburg, Germany
More steel masts made by MuR - and a SPITZKE SE locomotive in operation.
A signal bridge being installed by road-rail excavator.
Assembling the Meckesheim substation
Anchor cages for signal brackets in the Dresdner Bahn construction project.