Rail vehicle construction.

We construct frames for rail-road vehicles.

Our range of services also includes the construction of frame structures for rail vehicles of all kinds. We manufacture the basic frame for the lifting devices for rail vehicles. Dual-mode vehicles, which travel on both roads and rails, require a special steel frame or chassis made of steel. We manufacture these according to your specific requirements.

Our specialized engineers check the customer-specific requirements regarding welding according to the relevant DIN standard 15085. Material procurement is carried out after a detailed analysis of the necessary chemical and physical properties. These can vary according to the type of rail-vehicle desired

The steel frames for rail vehicles are processed in our modern machine plant. Welding preparation, such as cutting, drilling, and milling is done with state-of-the-art, highly precise technology such as an oxygen cutting machine.

Manufacturing with certification

Companies involved in welding on rail vehicles are subject to special requirements. On April 1st, 2008, the standards DIN EN 15085-1 to 15085-5 were introduced by the national safety authority of Germany, the Federal Railway Authority (EBA), as the recognized rules of technology in EBA’s jurisdiction.