Industrial and general steelwork.

A global material.

The use of steel as a building material has gained significance in the new millennium. Material made from iron has become indispensable since the 20th century, particularly in industry and construction. In contrast to metal construction, steel construction refers to load-bearing structures which are created from steel elements, for example through welding. This accounts for the most important functions of steel construction: the load-bearing capacity, and the strength and the safety of structures. To guarantee this, industrial and general steel construction is subject to high requirements, which are ensured by various European and international standards and certifications.

We specialize in all types of steel structures. We carry out both industrial and general steel construction ranging from simple welded components to three-dimensional pipe and roof structures which meet even the highest standards. In the last few years, we have also established ourselves as a supplier for components used in machinery and plant construction.

We manufacture:

  • Steel structures for transformer stations and substations
  • Hopper systems
  • Steel profiles for sound insulation
  • Custom construction
  • Welded assemblies
  • Substructures for machinery of any size
  • Facility construction
  • and much more


Transformer substations and substations

We manufacture the steel structures for transformer substations. This plays a central role in the most non-dissipative and efficient transmission of electricity from power plants to consumers. In the substation, the electricity is transformed into different voltages depending on its future use – from large wind farms to electricity-intensive industrial plants, or to the traction current network of the substations, which power the overhead lines of the railway. We rely exclusively on hot-dip galvanized steel construction to ensure the necessary longevity. As a full-service provider, we can cater to all customer requests and provide both transportation and assembly services.


Hopper systems

Durability and high quality are also necessary qualities when manufacturing large hopper systems. Feed hoppers, for example, are primarily used in industry for transporting bulk materials. Precision is paramount in the manufacturing process, as hoppers are often part of complex conveyor systems. They are subjected to constant strain due to the bulk materials. Therefore, we only use particularly robust steel sheets that meet the high demands. In the production of feed hoppers, we pay special attention to easy maintenance and ensure that the parts subject to wear can be easily replaced.


Sound barriers

Noise protection plays a significant role in the renovation and construction of railway tracks in populated areas as well as in road construction. A commonly used design involves steel profiles which are installed alongside the tracks or roads and equipped with sound insulation elements. MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH manufactures steel profiles for sound barrier walls in every conceivable design. Whether along railway lines, expressways, or highways – feel free to contact us, and together we will find the best solution for your project!


The Cineplex Cinema Naumburg construction project

In 1998, the new Cineplex cinema opened in Naumburg, on the site of the former Naumburg District Music School. MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH provided the modern, eye-catching roof structure, which is dominated by specially designed steel beams and columns. Combined with the glass façade, this created an elegant building with an inviting industrial chic that combines functionality and design.


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