Success through the power of steel.

We are a system provider of medium-heavy steel structures. We provide everything your project needs, from a single source. As a steelwork company with a long tradition, we attach great importance to our working relationship with you and to delivering outstanding quality. We do everything in our power to make your project feasible and successful. We take a straightforward, flexible approach and make your project happen. We comply strictly with all standards, guidelines and technical specifications.

In addition to manufacturing, we can support you throughout your project and ensure that the related tasks are carried out professionally, reliably and to your full satisfaction. Take advantage of our experience and performance.

We also offer the following services:

Structural design and structural analysis

Our design engineers are ready to meet the structural design and analysis requirements for your project’s specifications. Together we will find the best solution. On your behalf, we can determine your requirements, prepare drawings, design and calculate the dimensions of an existing or new construction project.

  • Drafting workshop drawings according to client planning documents
  • Calculating verifiable structural analysis according to Eurocode 3 (EN1993)

Targeted support to make your project a success

We are straightforward, goal-oriented and work to the highest quality standards. We can manage your project from the first enquiry to the final installation. As your partner in medium-heavy railway and individual steelwork, we will bring your project to a successful conclusion.

  • Personal support from the moment you place your order to the final invoice
  • Support with and drafting of design documents
  • Schedule management
  • Direct client contact

Assembly on site

Do you need particular help with large-scale projects or with the assembly of individual steel structures? We offer you professional support with:

  • Assembling substation steelwork on prefabricated foundations
  • Preparing construction site documents, log books and time-sheets
  • Logistics, thanks to our in-house shipping department and trucks
  • Flexibility, thanks to our own loading crane and construction site vehicles

Logistics from A to Z

Having our own vehicle fleet means we can oversee your projects until we deliver on site. Our articulated trucks are fitted with loading cranes, so we can carry out smaller assembly work on site.

  • We have our own fleet with modern semi-trailers
  • Trailer-mounted loading crane with a max. outreach of 15 m and a max. component weight of 6 t
  • Special transportation options (wide loads, long loads)
  • Flexible, fast delivery throughout Germany

Metal cleaning and preparation

We pre-treat all our steel to guarantee our quality standards. Steel shot blasting removes any impurities such as paint, scale or surface corrosion from our steel base metal.

Sharp edges from cutting are removed by machine, ensuring the product is safe and ready for further processing.

Galvanizing and colouring

Where there’s steel, there’s zinc! Protecting our components from corrosion requires a wide variety of processes depending their future use. Options range from wet paint coating to double coating of hot-dip galvanised components. We can provide corrosion protection and coating to meet your order requirements, thanks to our own colouring workshop and cooperating with galvanising plants.

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