Mast accessories.

Small parts - big impact.

We manufacture attachments in a wide variety of designs. These include accessories and add-on components, system solutions for steel and concrete masts and important components for electrifying railway systems in tunnels.

All of our large and small mast accessory components are based on the German railway-specific building (EBS) rules and regulations, as are the electronics and structural railway equipment. Mast accessories are the key to equipping a railway line correctly and for running it safely. We are experienced in manufacturing these small components and work to meet all of the requirements of a railway line. We provide everything from a single source – from switch box mounts to multi-track brackets. Our mast clamping process means we can individually adapt mast accessories to suit track profiles.

Our mast accessories include:

  • Multi-track brackets
  • Suspension pillars
  • Fastening components and other attachments made of steel and aluminium
  • Anchor bolts and templates for a huge range of mast foundations
  • Climbing prevention for all mast types
  • Ladders and platforms for signal poles
  • Fastening components and steel signal accessories

We also use regulation-compliant hot-dip galvanising and coating systems to meet our clients’ requests. We would love to hear from you.

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