Track stops.

How connections end.

When it comes to rail safety products, we draw on our experience and precision. We comply with specific European requirements and German national railway company specifications for track stops. We regularly undergo full audits, inspections and annual Q1 quality classification by Deutsche Bahn. This is how we guarantee our high quality standards and keep our safety promises.

Among other things, we make

  • Simple buffer stops
  • Brake buffer stops
  • Fixed buffer stops

Specific track stops

We manufacture new brake buffer stops of types 4 to 10 Z 8 from old and new rail material. We make brake buffer stops with track reinforcements and fasteners to order. We can produce these track stops, fixed buffer stops and their accessories at short notice. Railway steelwork and special structures for a wide range of functions and applications are our particular strengths.

Accessories for brake buffer stops

  • Return cable
  • Special key SW 39
  • Sh2 brake elements as spare parts
  • Marking posts