Steelwork is our passion

We rise to the challenge for every order.

Our expertise, innovative approach and reliability make us the perfect partner for railway, industrial and general steelwork.

MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH is an efficient, future-driven company based in Naumburg an der Saale in Germany. For over two decades we have provided professional steel manufacturing and repair services, specifically for clients in the railway sector. When we started in 1997, we rewrote the rulebook to deliver even greater performance and flexibility. Craftsmanship, expertise and the freedom to develop new ideas are at the heart of the services we provide. Our clients value the high quality and continuity we bring to our partnerships.

As a subsidiary of SPITZKE SE, MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH is committed to sustainable and climate-friendly rail transport. Our business and operations fully integrate ecological, social and economic factors. We understand our responsibility within society, and align our products and services accordingly. For us, sustainability is key.

Precise planning

We are market leaders in digitalisation and automation. State-of-the-art software allows us to design and manufacture our steel products to the nearest millimetre. Our experienced workforce, efficient machinery and well-equipped premises mean we deliver high quality steel products, every time.

High-quality manufacturing

We set ourselves ongoing new challenges in the manufacture of our steel products. Precision and accuracy are essential, and guaranteed by our continuous investment in automated machine tools. Our highly trained employees deliver outstanding quality thanks to their decades of experience.

Customer-driven service

Our job is to meet your requirements, throughout your project. We provide professional, reliable design advice and assembly, construction management and logistics services.